Radio—Still the King!

Radio, like Elvis, is still king! As someone who is immersed in digital, it’s surprising to see how quickly people flock to new digital mediums while abandoning traditional ones. If creators are honest about the best strategy for content placement and distribution, the conversation about what’s best starts with their audience.

What medium reaches the greatest portion of the world’s population? Radio. More American’s engage broadcast radio on a weekly basis than any other platform. Just see Nielsen’s State of the Media – Audio Today 2017 report. The takeaway—consider including radio in your audience building strategy.

Now, the question that begs to be answered is, “Should my brand use traditional and digital media to extend content reach?” Big brands have not abandoned television and radio as some suggest. But, they are spending less. This is evidenced by A-list advertisers investing fewer dollars during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Bottomline, don’t forget radio in your plans. Develop a cross-platform strategy and place content accordingly.



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